How to sell

Easy, Fast and Secure



To get started, simply create a new Collection (including one or more collectibles) and submit available info (description, images, details and expected selling price). Please be as detailed as possible in your description. Specify if you like to receive expression of interests for auction sale, for direct sale or both. 



WiColl will review your Collection and decide at its sole discretion which Items are suitable to be published to auctioneers, dealers and collectors, based on quality, attractiveness, rareness, expected selling price and demand of the Items. The collection will be published until an expiring date defined by WiColl



Once published to auctioneers, dealers and collectors, you will start receiving expressions of interests on your collection from worldwide auctioneers, dealers and collectors.



You can review the expressions of interest and decide to accept or refuse them. You can accept one or more of them. Accepting the expression of interest does not legally bind you in any kind of commitment or contract, other than sending your contact info to the interested auctioneer, dealer or collector. 



You can start your negotiations with the auctioneer, dealer or collector for the consignment or direct sale of your collection outside WiColl