Will WiColl keep my identity confidential?

Yes. We do not share your name or contact information until you explicitly accept the expression of interest of an auctioneer or a dealer or a collector. In that case we send him your contact info.

Which auctioneers and dealers are WiColl's partner ?

WiColl partners with leading international auctioneers and dealers. Some of them comes from Emax.bid network. To have a look at Emax.bid network, go to: EMAX.BID Auctioneer directory

Why to submit my Collection to WiColl ?

WiColl wants to make it seamless and worthwhile to sell through its portal. We partner with leading auctioneers & dealers to ease your selling process, and to give you access to the highest level of service.

How do I submit my collection to sell ?

To submit your collection for review, even if you are not an expert, please provide as many detailed info as possible about the collection and the items, in order to ease our assessment. Upload images (front, back, signature) and other available info (for example: dimensions, provenance, Certificate of Authenticity, as well as any additional documentation, etc.)

What types of items do you accept?

To determine if your items can be published, our staff of experts assesses if they have sufficient quality and sale market and demand. We review provenance information and item details you provided. We require as imany info as you can, like several images (front and back, signature), dimensions, provenance, and Certificate of Authenticity, if available, as well as any additional documentation.

What happens once I submit a item?

First, WiColl will review your submission, and notify you when your collection published to the network of auctioneers, dealers and collectors. At this stage, we will keep your name and contact information confidential. Next, interested partners will show you their interest through WiColl. You can review the expressions of interest received and accept or refuse it via WiColl. If you accept, we will introduce you to the partner for you to start negotiating the terms of your sale directly with them, outside WiColl.

How long do I have to wait to have my collection published ?

Your collection and related items will be assessed as soon as possible, within a maximum of 10 business days from your submission. If the collection or a single item is refused but the problem can be solved, you'll be request to fix the problem in your collection. If approved, it will be published to the network of auctioneers, dealers and collectors until the expiring date (defined by WiColl).

Are there any fees?

The whole process in WiColl is FREE of charge untill 30th June 2022. Later, a very cheap fee will be requested to seller to publish the collection, and to proponents to send expression of interests and to request contact info to the seller. Back to sellers, in case you consign your collection to an auctioneer for auction sale, they (the auctioneers) may charge a standard commission, as well as costs for shipping, insurance, and photography.