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Marketplace for Collectors, Auctioneers and Dealers


exploit all the potential of our network of collectors and of our partnership with a wide range of experienced auctioneers and dealers, and receive expressions of interests for an auction sale or a direct sale.

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Don't worry about your personal information. Your will appear as anonymous to auctioneers, dealers and other collectors for most of the process. Your identity will be disclosed only when you accept their expressions of interest and, consequently, demonstrate your availability to be contacted to start your negotiation with the proponent.

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Fast & Easy

save time and skip the stressful process of contacting each auctioneer or dealer one-by-one. Upload your collection once, get multiple expressions of interest from auctioneers, dealers and collectors around the world.

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Till 31st May 2022, WiColl will be completely FREE for collectors, auctioneers and dealers. 

After that, if you are a seller, we will request you a very low fee for publishing your collection in WiColl. If you are a proponent, our fees will be very cheap and will be requested in 2 steps: the first part when you will send your expression of interest to the seller and the second part when the seller will accept to send you his contact info.

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choose all the expressions of interest you like (no obligation to choose), then start negotiating with auctioneers, dealers or collectors outside WiColl.

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let us know if you need help in using WiColl.

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