WiColl platform is owned by da Vinci Srls, an italian company located in Genova (Italy), Via San Vincenzo 2, Company Number: GE-482053, VAT Number: 02384790990

Da Vinci Srls is focused on developing advanced solutions and services for collectors and auctioneers.

WiColl has been created from an idea of Andrea Lippi and Mauro Perino, owners of da Vinci Srls and passionate colelctors of numismatics, comics and other collectibles.  

WiColl is:

  • a Web Portal, unique in the market, where sellers can publish their items in a single place and make them available for expressions of Interest from around the world
  • a Specialised Marketplace, in which collectors, heirs, auctioneers and dealers can comfortably and easily meet and keep in contact

Collectors & Heirs can submit their items once, receive multiple expressions of interest from leading auctioneers & dealers and other collectors around the world and choose to deal with the ones they like.

Auctioneers & Dealers can find interesting Items for direct purchase or consignment in auction from collectors around the world. Items published to auctioneers & dealers are pre-filtered by WiColl.